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Dua to get Allah’s Love

Allahumma inni asaluka hubaka, Wa hubbaman ya hibuka,

Wal amal al-ladhi bil leghuni hubbaka,

Allahumma ja’al hubbaka a-habba alay-yai,Min nafsi, 

wa-ahli,wa minal barrid.


”O Allah I ask You for Your Love and the love of those whom You Love and the actions that will cause me to attain Your Love,O Allah make Your love more beloved to me than myself, my family and cold water”AMEEN .


The Holy Prophet (peace be upon him) would often make this dua and he narrated the prophet Dawud (peace be upon him) also recited it.
Imagine – the Lord of this Universe offering His Love to His servants. What an opportunity for us.
The means of attaining such a beautiful heart is to seek to attain a heart which is filled with Love of Allah. A heart preoccupied with His remembrance, occupied with His gratitude, is a heart that attains His love. And any heart filled with His love naturally inclines towards beauty for as the Prophet (peace be upn him) said, ‘Allah is beautiful and loves beauty’. Thus ,that to a heart filled with His love, Allah appears to such hearts as beautiful – beauty necessitates beauty, manifesting in beautiful sight and hearing. And who, possessing beautiful sight, hearing and heart can but fail to percieve the beauty of Allah. Recite this dua’a frequently and with sincerity and you will see its effects permeating u until you only love the One worthy of all love.




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Memorable Ramaḍhān

Really good advices!

In Shaykh's Company

“Make this Ramaḍān a memorable one. Make it a Ramaḍān you will remember for the rest of your life. Make it such that, inshā’allāh, in Jannah you will say it was this Ramaḍān in which Allāh ta’ala made you His walī, and from when your life changed forever.

To make this Ramaḍān a memorable one you must follow the following five advices:

• Abstain from sins. Don’t even think about sinning in the month of Ramaḍān.
• Stay away from gatherings and mixing with people. Many sins take place when mixing with people, e.g. backbiting, slandering, wasting time etc.
• Safeguard your eyes by only looking at what is permitted.
• Safeguard your ears by only listening to what is permitted.
• Safeguard your tongue by only speaking when it is absolutely necessary.”

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Wird Al Latif

Download link http://haqqbahu.webs.com/wirdallatif.htm As with all the litanies of Imam al-Haddad, al-Wird al-Latif is made up of nothing but the ‘prayers’ of the Prophet-peace be upon him and the formulae that he instructed his community to recite mornings and evenings. It is therefore strictly in conformity with the sunna, and once it is well-rehearsed and becomes regular practice, one can rest assured that he is following the ‘Prophetic’ instructions as to which adhkar he should use to begin and end his day.

Ramadan Checklist