Cliques, status and relationships

by dawwning

wikipedia definition:

“A clique (pronounced /ˈkliːk/, also /ˈklɪk/ (U.S.)) is an inclusive group of people who share common interests, views, purposes, patterns of behavior, or ethnicity.[1] A clique as a reference group can be either normative or comparative. Membership in a clique is typically exclusive, and qualifications for membership may be social or essential to the nature of the clique. The word clique may be used pejoratively.”

Well, I have been recently wondering more about cliques and realized that some of these are quite disturbingly horrifying and the organizations themselves can kick you in the ……

The responses:

– take a strong stand despite pressures

– don’t do anything about the matter.

Responses vary according to the situations. Cliques sometimes exists because of shallow bondings. The purpose many times would be to dominate others for the achievement of their own selfish gains. Cliques don’t always have to be negative, but usually they are. There are a number of rules governing a clique.

In Islam, we are taught to have tawaakul. We are allowed to take a stand when needed but it must be pleasing to Allah and sometimes matters are too complicated to do anything. Hence, the importance of duas and seeking guidance.

If we stick to the common principles that is the underlying  goal “for the sake of Allah” then one  would be able to work fairly well with others for good purposes without becoming demeaning to others, without hurting them or abusing their rights….well anyway, that’s the way it *should* be.