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Month: November, 2011

An intelligent design

Amongst, the deniers of truth are the claimants that this world has no creator. Did the universe really came from nothing? Was it by itself created? In this discourse Br Hamza Tzortzis, gives us clear reasoning and evidence demonstrating the existence of Allah through an intelligent design and the uniqueness of the Quran.

http://www.theinimitablequran.com/ (site of Br Hamza Tzortzis)



“On those who have faith and do good will the Most Gracious One (Rahman) bestow love (wudda).” (19:96)

Good Morning :)

I’ve decided to re-post or share some wonderful recipes in my blog, as well as experiences, precious anecdotes, and what ever else’s worth save-guarding, noting and remembering.

It’s truly amazing how a “dawwning” beverage can affect the day. I refer to none other than my favorite indulgence on mornings; a wonderful cup of coffee. Not only is  it’s delicious taste to be enjoyed but also the health benefits from an amazing cuppa.

According to Harvard Health Publications,

Here’s some of the mostly good news about coffee:

Blood pressure. Results from long-term studies are showing that coffee may not increase the risk for high blood pressure over time, as previously thought. Study findings for other cardiovascular effects are a mixed bag.

Cancer. Coffee might have anti-cancer properties. Last year, researchers found that coffee drinkers were 50% less likely to get liver cancer than nondrinkers. A few studies have found ties to lower rates of colon, breast, and rectal cancers.

Cholesterol. Two substances in coffee — kahweol and cafestol — raise cholesterol levels. Paper filters capture these substances, but that doesn’t help the many people who now drink non-filtered coffee drinks, such as lattes. Researchers have also found a link between cholesterol increases and decaffeinated coffee, possibly because of the type of bean used to make certain decaffeinated coffees.

Diabetes. Heavy coffee drinkers may be half as likely to get diabetes as light drinkers or nondrinkers. Coffee may contain chemicals that lower blood sugar. A coffee habit may also increase your resting metabolism rate, which could help keep diabetes at bay.

Parkinson’s disease. Coffee seems to protect men, but not women, against Parkinson’s disease. One possible explanation for the sex difference may be that estrogen and caffeine need the same enzymes to be metabolized, and estrogen captures those enzymes.

There are many ways to make a good cup of coffee. This is an adopted approach that I find very satisfying.

Spiced Coffee

1 1/2 cups coffee
1 cinnamon stick
2 whole cloves
1/4 teaspoon whole allspice
1/2 cup heavy cream, whipped
Ground cinnamon
White or brown sugar, to taste

Pour the coffee over the cinnamon stick, cloves, and allspice in a saucepan and simmer over low heat for 5 to 7 minutes. Strain into cups, top with whipped cream, and sprinkle with cinnamon. Add white or brown sugar to taste.

Variation: Omit the cinnamon stick and allspice and substitute 2 strips each of orange and lemon peel, use 10 cloves instead of 2. Proceed as directed above.


Do you have a favorite coffee recipe you wish to share? Feel free to comment in the form below.

A choice for something better.

In Islam, what affects the body’s senses, affects the soul like-wise. Hence, certain things which are destructive to our spiritual beings have been ordained to be impermissible. There are differences of views regarding the permissibility of music in Islam. At a personal level, listening to music, as a choice, replaces the opportunity to have instead listened to the words of Allah. The recitation of the noble Quran, surpasses none other. Take for instance, one of my favorite surahs, Ab-basa.

The beauty of melodic recitation and meaning behind S

Calligraphic name of Allah in Arabic, Copied f...

Calligraphic name of Allah in Arabic, Copied from Public Domain artwork (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

urah Abasa, is a driving force towards a different ‘state’. A place whereby I remember God’s infinite love and I’m humbled in my heart of being nothing and being made into something. Perfectly molded from The Giver and The Sustainer of everything.   Indeed, why, should I chose instead something  inferior, temporary? To forget the Real and the Known, The Everlasting, to abandon His divine words, for that of others and knowing fully well that we shall return ultimately to Him only. Such, is the misguidance of the shaytaan, whose aim is to lead mankind astray. Music incites  emotions and depending on the lyrics can corrupt the soul. Yet, irregardless of the lyrics, music itself can lull us into a state of delusion and misguidance, it can numb us so that our soul can be in a state of sleep, whereas dhikrullah awakens the soul. The choice is obvious for our hereafter success. In this recognition, I pray that Allah helps me and any other struggling soul to snap out successfully from any delusional state of obscurity. Ameen. There are no better words than His and no better recitation than the manners and ways, He has prescribed.

Some more reading on Music and it’s effect – An Islamic Perspective


For some strange reason, i’m feeling berry- cravings. xD…Was looking at some recipes and found this article on,  ” things that can be done with a pint of berries”

Top 5 Things To With One Pint of Berries:

1. Make muffins. Most muffin recipes call for a cup or two of berries (two cups equals one pint), and usually any berry in season can be swapped in for whichever recipe you’re using. If you don’t have quite enough berries, round it out with nuts or dried fruit.

2. Make individual cobblers. There’s no rule that says cobblers have to be baked in baking dish! Fill an individual-size ramikan with a handful of fruit, top with a dollop of cobbler dough, and bake at 350-degrees until the crust is golden and the fruit bubbly.

3. Layer into parfaits. This is one of our favorite summer desserts since it’s so easy and doesn’t involve hot ovens! Just fill a tall glass with layers of fruit, whipped cream, and any other goodies you want–crumbled cookies, chocolate chips, a drizzle of sauce…

4. In pancakes and waffles. Another favorite! Mix fresh berries right into the pancake or waffle batter for a summer morning treat.

5. Add berries to salads. Tart summer berries make a fun addition to our standard leafy green salad and pair well with vegetables and many proteins like chicken and fish.

Courtesy: www.thekitchn.com

Read on the comments for more  fun ways to add berries in cooking!