by dawwning

For some strange reason, i’m feeling berry- cravings. xD…Was looking at some recipes and found this article on,  ” things that can be done with a pint of berries”

Top 5 Things To With One Pint of Berries:

1. Make muffins. Most muffin recipes call for a cup or two of berries (two cups equals one pint), and usually any berry in season can be swapped in for whichever recipe you’re using. If you don’t have quite enough berries, round it out with nuts or dried fruit.

2. Make individual cobblers. There’s no rule that says cobblers have to be baked in baking dish! Fill an individual-size ramikan with a handful of fruit, top with a dollop of cobbler dough, and bake at 350-degrees until the crust is golden and the fruit bubbly.

3. Layer into parfaits. This is one of our favorite summer desserts since it’s so easy and doesn’t involve hot ovens! Just fill a tall glass with layers of fruit, whipped cream, and any other goodies you want–crumbled cookies, chocolate chips, a drizzle of sauce…

4. In pancakes and waffles. Another favorite! Mix fresh berries right into the pancake or waffle batter for a summer morning treat.

5. Add berries to salads. Tart summer berries make a fun addition to our standard leafy green salad and pair well with vegetables and many proteins like chicken and fish.

Courtesy: www.thekitchn.com

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