A choice for something better.

by dawwning

In Islam, what affects the body’s senses, affects the soul like-wise. Hence, certain things which are destructive to our spiritual beings have been ordained to be impermissible. There are differences of views regarding the permissibility of music in Islam. At a personal level, listening to music, as a choice, replaces the opportunity to have instead listened to the words of Allah. The recitation of the noble Quran, surpasses none other. Take for instance, one of my favorite surahs, Ab-basa.

The beauty of melodic recitation and meaning behind S

Calligraphic name of Allah in Arabic, Copied f...

Calligraphic name of Allah in Arabic, Copied from Public Domain artwork (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

urah Abasa, is a driving force towards a different ‘state’. A place whereby I remember God’s infinite love and I’m humbled in my heart of being nothing and being made into something. Perfectly molded from The Giver and The Sustainer of everything.   Indeed, why, should I chose instead something  inferior, temporary? To forget the Real and the Known, The Everlasting, to abandon His divine words, for that of others and knowing fully well that we shall return ultimately to Him only. Such, is the misguidance of the shaytaan, whose aim is to lead mankind astray. Music incites  emotions and depending on the lyrics can corrupt the soul. Yet, irregardless of the lyrics, music itself can lull us into a state of delusion and misguidance, it can numb us so that our soul can be in a state of sleep, whereas dhikrullah awakens the soul. The choice is obvious for our hereafter success. In this recognition, I pray that Allah helps me and any other struggling soul to snap out successfully from any delusional state of obscurity. Ameen. There are no better words than His and no better recitation than the manners and ways, He has prescribed.

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