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Month: January, 2012

The Power of Allah’s Love

Hadîth Qudsî:

Those who seek nearness to Me seek nearness through nothing I love more than the performance of what I have made incumbent upon them. My servant never ceases to seek nearness to Me through supererogatory works until I love him. Then, when I love him, I am his hearing through which he hears, his sight through which he sees, his hand through which he grasps, and his foot through which he walks.



Light of dawn

Beautiful Nasheed:


Circulation of the life system

Into the river of life
You immersed yourself,
Deep within, letting the currents pull you away
It feels wonderful for a while and hope reigns
Then in some unexpected moments you are left afloat
Motionless, it’s too quiet
Alarmed, you try to move
But nothing.

This place of emptiness, it’s almost stifling

It’s either now or never you had thought,
But knowledge strikes, the power of movement does not belong to you
It becomes crystal clear, like the sudden chills in the atmosphere.

You stop trying to move and become calm, possessed by it’s power.

Strange how nothing becomes something
Stranger that you tried to make nothing from something

Even as the sunlight hits the surfaces of the water
As the rain pours down heavily, flooding the banks
You wait, facing it all.

Then in the perfect time, the current moves again

In a magnetic pull, swept away
Away from meeting other rivers,
A different direction,

A place where you are home,

Finally, encountering the ocean.

The Alchemy of Happiness

The suffering of the world is spoken of in terms of wars, starvation, hatred, competition, and the struggle of the survivals of the fittest. Yet all the suffering of the world originates in the human heart. Every crime committed, every act of oppression, every callous cruelty, and every injustice to the self or others emanates from the hearts of men. However, for every wrong wrought by the human heart, a thousand acts of mercy have issued forth: every mother’s love, every child’s forgiveness, every teacher’s care, and every father’s concern for the well-being of his progeny-all have their source in the core of human being, the human heart. If we are to right the world, we must first rectify our hearts, and this is why every revelation has been granted to humanity: to make firm our hearts.

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Alchemy of the Heart: Shaykh Muhammad Maulud, Translated into English by Shaykh Hamza Yusuf

Life’s Purpose

I love this quote,”the purpose of life is a life of purpose”, What’s your purpose?

“I have only created jinns and men,
that they may serve Me.”
Quran – 51:56

Self-reflections note:

Serve God by enjoining good and forbidding evil

Serve God by fulfilling His commands in daily life

Serve God by thanking continuously for all His favors

Serve God by sacrificing my desires for His – decisions that would please Him.

Serve God through glorifying Him – dhikrullah

Servitude in sharing my knowledge to others

P.S: These are some of the ways we can serve God that come to mind at the moment, would revisit this list in future.  Also if you know any other ways, do enlighten me!


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