Circulation of the life system

by dawwning

Into the river of life
You immersed yourself,
Deep within, letting the currents pull you away
It feels wonderful for a while and hope reigns
Then in some unexpected moments you are left afloat
Motionless, it’s too quiet
Alarmed, you try to move
But nothing.

This place of emptiness, it’s almost stifling

It’s either now or never you had thought,
But knowledge strikes, the power of movement does not belong to you
It becomes crystal clear, like the sudden chills in the atmosphere.

You stop trying to move and become calm, possessed by it’s power.

Strange how nothing becomes something
Stranger that you tried to make nothing from something

Even as the sunlight hits the surfaces of the water
As the rain pours down heavily, flooding the banks
You wait, facing it all.

Then in the perfect time, the current moves again

In a magnetic pull, swept away
Away from meeting other rivers,
A different direction,

A place where you are home,

Finally, encountering the ocean.