Help from strangers

I had one of the most strangest week. Irregardless, I wanted to focus on the good stuff, one of which included help from a total stranger. That  person was there in the right time, in the right place, willing to help me! I was more than amazed.  Nothing sought only help that was kindly insistent. Besides the week was so challenging in different ways other than this. I also have a bad habit of kicking myself, whenever I am down, but then… she just appeared. Not like white light emitting from her or anything, just a normal stranger. Random person, who rescued me in time of need. God put her there, I am sure. Just like He placed another to direct me in place. A combination of needed warmth and cold. To comfort, to show, that  His care is for me in different ways and forms and discipline is also there to keep me in place, to perfect my state. Alhamdulilah, There is definitely something so special about receiving help from strangers that is really uplifting. All praise is due to Him.